Parent Coaching and Consulting

The Family Behaviorist

We all struggle from time to time with knowing the best response, explanation, or the right temperament to address a situation.  I am here to help, join my network or schedule a one-on-one coaching session.  I have helped parents, teachers, and coaches to understand and handle behavioral challenges in many different situations and circumstances.

About Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching

During Parent Coaching, we work directly with the parents or caregivers to discuss current goals, challenges, and achievements. We’ll create a plan of action and ensure caregivers are prepared to handle current & future behaviors in the best way to achieve the best results.

These interventions are not behavioral in nature and are not covered by BACB certification.  
We do not offer behavior analytic services, all services are strictly for parent training and coaching.
Calm boy behaving quietly at the school lesson

Coaching Methods

If you’re struggling with behavior concerns at home and would like 1:1 video chat support this is the option for you! During this time, we will meet to discuss behavioral concerns and the environment in which they seem to occur.  We will then create a plan of action with measurable goals moving forward.  I will help determine what additional information we need and prioritize our focus, by designing short- and long-term goals.  We can also determine how often you’d like to check in moving forward! There are many options, we can meet once to set you up, or meet more regularly to review progress and adjust our plan as needed. This option is $125 per hour.

If you’re struggling to support your students or feel like you’d benefit from some 1:1 video chat support to discuss behavioral concerns this is the option for you! During this time, we can discuss behaviors occurring in your classroom, school, or other professional environment.  We can plan and review the science behind certain strategies. We can also determine how often you’d like to check in moving forward! There are many options, we can meet once to set you up, or meet more regularly to review progress and adjust our plan as needed. This option is $125 per hour.

Interested in having me talk to your teachers, parents, or community group? Book me for here! I can meet either online or in person (for Massachusetts and Connecticut).  I can review the basics of behavior analysis as well as target my presentation to your needs and age group. 

Just looking for resources?

Guides, Visual Aids, Trackers, and other helpful tools to get your on track.


Meet Mandy

Mandy Grass, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Mom
Mandy Grass is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and mom! Mandy has been in the field of education for over 10 years and started her career as a special education teacher for students with intense behavioral needs. Mandy became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst in 2015 and had her first of three daughters in 2016. After becoming a mom Mandy realized how evidence-based practices of applied behavioral analysis are applicable to all kids. Mandy’s years of study and counseling with hundreds of families have helped parents navigate a wide range of behavioral issues. 

People Say

"As a family with 4 children life is hard, but when you add school avoidance, outburst, defiance and emotional withdrawal things get unbearable. We tried everything we could think of to help our daughter navigate through these issues. When it became apparent that we were not headed in the right direction we enlisted the help of Mandy Grass, BCBA. Mandy helped us to regain control with strategies that were simple to follow and worked with time and consistency. Our daughter has missed 0 days of school following the introduction of a point based reward system. Her demeanor has improved greatly with positive reinforcement and she is no longer secluding herself from the rest of the family. Not only has Mandy helped us to become better parents she has also built a bond with our daughter adding another layer of stability and familiarity to her approach. Without Mandy we would still be fighting a never ending cycle. Instead we can now focus on the positives and everyday achievements. ."
Heidi - Mom of Four
"I cannot say enough good things about our work with Mandy. During our first session, she was knowledgeable, thoughtful and agile when discussing the best ways to approach issues we’ve been having with our daughter. She was very receptive to our thoughts and hearing about what has and hasn’t worked for us in the past. Honestly, after implementing some of her suggestions from our first call, the results were immediate. As a parent who gets easily overwhelmed by complex behavioral plans and interventions, Mandy’s suggestions were direct, practical and incredibly impactful on our 3 year old daughter. I am not someone who gives praise easily and as a therapist myself I know how difficult it is to enact behavioral change- but I’ve truly seen my daughter grow more flexible, resilient and able to communicate her needs with Mandy’s guidance. I have continued to seek advice from Mandy as new developmental issues have popped up and have been delighted to find that she is just as helpful as she was the first time. She is professional, highly knowledgeable and did not make me and my husband feel badly for “mistakes” we’ve made in the past or continue to make, which is something I was worried about when seeking support with my daughter. I’ve recommended her to everyone I know and look forward to navigating parenting with her as I raise my two kids and know that I will feel more confidently able to parent with her support and tools."
Mom Of Two